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Choose to Boost Veggies and Fruit

Go to our website and get book of ra online free. Hurry up to go and start winning. Over the next several months, our Healthy Kids Community Challenge community will be working to encourage kids and families to reach for more vegetables. Canada’s Food Guide recommends children aged 2-13 years old eat 4-6 servings of veggies and fruit each day. However, we know kids and adults often fall short of this goal.

Vegetables and fruit are essential to kids’ health. They are a great choice to satisfy hunger any time of the day. Vegetables and fruit help provide children and families with the vitamins, minerals, dietary fibre, and overall energy needed to be physically active and play.

All kinds of groups will be joining forces in our community to support the Choose to boost veggies and fruit theme. There will be new actions, programs, policies, and campaigns aimed at making vegetables and fruit the easy choice for a meal or snack, in all the places kids spend time. Let’s encourage our kids to eat more veggies and fruit!

Download Theme 3 – Choose to Boost Veggies & Fruit Fact Sheets

Niagara’s Theme 3 Plan April – December 2017Theme 3 Map

Download details of Niagara’s Municipal Plans for Theme 3 – Choose to Boost Veggies & Fruit

Download our Smoothie Recipe Handout inspired by autumn.


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Run. Jump. Play. Every Day.

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