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Niagara Community Needs Assessment

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Community Profile

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  • Children under the age of 14 make up 15.5% of Niagara’s population. That is almost 67,000 children who could benefit from The Challenge.
  • Our data demonstrates that there are high intentions at birth for children’s health.
  • Our data demonstrates that Niagara’s children have many diet and activity behaviours that contribute to the development of obesity.
  • Niagara’s children have higher rates of asthma and heart disease compared to the Provincial average.
  • 55.5% of people living in Niagara do so within deprived areas, 21.9% of those are ages 0-17.
  • One third of food bank users in Niagara are children.
  • We have an adult low literacy rate of 31% and unemployment of 8.3%. Self reported adult obesity rates in Niagara are 48.4%. These and other factors collide to create negative health outcomes for Niagara’s children.

Assets, Barriers and Opportunities

  • Diverse Geography
  • Prevalence of Community Service Agencies
  • Robust community research, education, programming, and services like .
  • Untapped opportunities for shared resources, expertise, and collaboration.
  • Opportunity to encourage active transportation.

Community Capacity and Resources

  • Steering Committee brings representatives from municipalities, community service agencies, and school boards across Niagara together to meet on the objectives and goals of The Challenge.
  • Niagara’s 12 municipalities.
  • Private sector engagement.
  • Peripheral public and private funding opportunities.
  • School Boards will play a valuable role in identifying, implementing and promoting healthy lifestyle interventions across Niagara.
  • Engaging post-secondary learning institutions.
  • Community agencies and networks.
  • Child Care Centres, Parent & Family Literacy Centres, and Ontario Early Years Centres.
  • High profile sports figures, professional sports teams, and community figures.
  • Concerned citizens.
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Run. Jump. Play. Every Day.

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