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Water Does Wonders


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Go to our website and get book of ra online free. Hurry up to go and start winning. Let’s encourage our kids to drink water when they are thirsty. It is much better for them than drinks with sugar added.

We all know healthy eating is important for growing children. So is healthy hydration. Our community is looking for ways to make it easier for kids to choose healthy drinks more often.

Water is the natural choice for kids to stay hydrated and healthy. Water makes up more than half of a child’s weight. They need a steady supply to keep their bodies working and growing properly. Water contains no sugar, calories, additives, preservatives, or caffeine. .

Make water the easy choice for your kids – and keep them sipping throughout the day.

Download Theme 2 – Water Does Wonders Fact Sheets

As part of our Water Does Wonders plan for Niagara, over 60 new water filling stations have been installed across the region. Find out more here.

Sip Smart!™ Ontario is a licensed classroom educational program that helps teach children in grades 3 to 7 about sugary drinks and about making healthy drink choices. Teachers can use Sip Smart!™ Ontario lessons to meet expectations in the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Health and Physical Education Curriculum. Healthy school committees and school councils can use Sip Smart!™ Ontario to promote healthy drink choices throughout their school and at school events.

Contact Niagara Healthy Kids Community Challenge Project Manager to find out how you can receive tools and resources to start using this curriculum in your classroom.

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Run. Jump. Play. Every Day.

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